Lisbon, Portugal was a must visit for us since we were already in Barcelona, Spain and my husband and I always like to venture out into new territory that we have not visited if we have the opportunity to. The best part is that Portugal is known for it’s pastel colored buildings. This is a blogger’s heaven when it comes to photos! I couldn’t get enough of the stunning colorful buildings, doors and walls!

The first stop was our hotel, Palacio Ramalhete! Rated by Conde Nast Traveler as “The Best Hotel in Lisbon” and by The Times as “The 5th Sexiest Hotel in Europe”, this hotel is one that is not worth missing if you are in the city of Lisbon, particularly if you like to stay in a place with history and character!


We stayed in what is known as the hotel’s most precious and favorite room, the Oak Suite. It is designed with wooden walls, a large living room area, bathroom and it still maintains it’s original tiles. The view is of the Tagus River, which is amazing to wake up to. You can have a more detailed look at their various room and suite options here.


What gives this hotel it’s charm is that it originally was a palace owned by the Taborda family. Some of the areas date as far back as the 17th century and were not ruined by the massive 1755 earthquake.

The hotel has been visited by such famous people as the Dukes of Windsor, Augusta Victoria Hohenzollem, King Manuel II, Pedro de sousa Holstein, King Louis I, etc.

I always love staying in hotels that were converted from being something completely different, like stables, industrial facilities, warehouses…and in this case a palace. The common areas that were once used to welcome guests, hold gala dinners and dances are virtually unchanged. The newest part of the building is not so new, dating back to the 18th century, but has been fully restored and still has the absolutely gorgeous Portuguese tiles that decorate the walls.


There are 12 different rooms and suites that you have the choice of selecting from and they are all uniquely different. You will find that each room has an en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, amenities, mini-bar, wi-fi, telephone, satellite TV, safe, hairdryer, bathrobe/towels and comfortable bedding.


The staff at Palacio Ramalhete were so kind and courteous. From the moment we arrived we were given a tour of the premises, and even shown a little secret door that use to lead up to another room in the past, but is now not actively used, yet a fun fact for guests.

Since the hotel dates back, it does not have an elevator, so you have to carry your luggage up the flight of stairs, however the staff on hand are more than willing to help you with your suitcases and there is something said about keeping the charm of the building by maintaining it’s authenticity. =)

It’s run like a family hotel in many ways. Doesn’t feel corporate and is very homey and personal. Feel free to chat with the staff and get to know them, as they are all very friendly and helpful!



Address: Rua das Janelas Verdes 92

1200-692 Lisboa


Max and I enjoy getting to know a city initially without any plans. We usually take the time to walk around the towns semi-randomly, in alleyways, venture into random restaurants and cafes and live like locals might. We speak to those living in the area and get a feel for what they do, where they go and what they recommend! Although we enjoy seeing the “Must See” places in a city, we also enjoy getting a feel for the authentic side of it as well. As a result, we walked into a cute and quaint restaurant near our hotel during our stay, before we ventured throughout the city.


<Beco – Cabaret GourmetWe were so fortunate to be in town for the soft opening of Beco. This restaurant is a MUST VISIT if you are ever in Lisbon. I would book your reservations now, because it will surely be one of the hottest spots to go to for dinner. Not only is it a new restaurant by Michelin chef Jose Avillez, considered one of the best Portuguese chefs, but it combines haute-cusine and entertainment.

You are seated to not only 12 different gastronomic culinary moments, in which the server doesn’t exactly tell you what you are eating. Everything is amazing, surprising and fools with your senses. Additionally, you are entertained by a classy burlesque show. Not to mention they had a mentalist that came to your table throughout the night. You heard me right, not magician, but mentalist!

We weren’t able to take photos, but I was able to get one or two in the beginning. The dishes you see there are a couple of the courses. I won’t go into what part is a secret and what to expect, but let me just say that I cannot vouch for this restaurant, service or the food enough. Of all the travels and restaurants I have been to, I truly have to say that this is one of my all time favorites.

<Bistro 100 ManeirasOne thing I have to say is that my husband is amazing at researching the best restaurants and places to go when we are in a new city. Via various reviews, blogs and online sourcing, he found this gem of a restaurant called Bistro 100 Maneiras. This is the perfect restaurant for a nice romantic night out. The bar downstairs was cute, and as they walked us upstairs to be sat for dining, the ambience was just perfect for a couple that wanted nice mood lighting with a cute view. The restaurant only has 30 seats and is quaint, but leaves you with a lasting memory. We got lucky and got sat at the table that overlooked this gorgeous street in Lisbon. We even saw other couples point to our table because it was the best seat in the house! Apparently, every season they create a new menu to keep it fresh. It’s a definite recommend from us!

<Pasteis de BelemThis was probably one of the most mentioned places to check out while in Lisbon. It’s a bakery where in the mornings the cues are quite long. As we were walking around the city, we actually randomly came across it, luckily, and decided to stop by. Thankfully, when we showed up the breakfast rush hour had died down and although there was a little bit of a line, it didn’t take long at all for us to order.

They are known for their famous Pasteis de Belem. It’s a secret recipe that originates from the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos. This recipe is recreated by the bakery every day, by hand.


<Sao Jorge Castle> This castle is one of the main tourist sites in Lisbon. It is situated on a grand hilltop overlooking the gorgeous Portuguese city of Lisbon as well as the Tagus River. This castle dates from the medieval period and has much history to it. We even saw peacocks as we walked around!!

<Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos> A monastery that we were told and read that we must check out. Unfortunately it was closed during our time there, but we were able to experience the beautiful exterior. The monastery is one of the primary examples of Late Gothic Manueline style of architecture in Lisbon.

<Ribeira dan Nauo Lisbon>  During our adventurous walk, we came across this gorgeous waterfront promenade where you are invited to sit out in the sun, grab a cocktail or coffee and enjoy the surroundings. It is a contemporary public space, largely pedestrianized, but probably was one of my favorite places to come across and apparently is now one of Lisbon’s latest must-see attractions.