Those who think wallpapers are outdated, think again, because I am wallpaper OBSESSED. It changes the rooms look and decor completely if you choose the right wallpaper to get the feel across that you want. I definitely have a favorite wallpaper company in Milton & King! I not only used 2 different styles for my kids room (you can view here), but recently I was helping my mom redecorate her room in the Bay Area. I decided to use Milton and King again and chose their Lorikeets wallpaper. It gives such a light and feminine look to the room. I knew my mother wanted a peach, grey and white color scheme and they had a wallpaper that fit perfectly. It not only made her room look larger, but added incredible style.

I got the curtains and curtain holders from Anthropology, the vase and decorative pillow from Home Goods, the faux florals from Michaels, and the linens, bed sheets and covers my mother already had! Love to repurpose however I can. But, truthfully, what makes this room pop is the wallpaper!!! I just love how these birds are silhouetted in different serene colors. It’s funny because wallpaper is not something my mom would do on her own. Perhaps for many it’s not the first place to think of to make a stylistic difference in their home, but hopefully this is inspiration enough to definitely consider wallpaper as an option. Also, no two wallpaper companies are the same. I can vouch for Milton and King. Check out the various options of styles and colors they have here.