Our family is a heavy traveling family, and as a result, our stroller is very important to us. The strollers we have chosen for our son have added to a more convenient lifestyle, particularly when on the go, but also for the day to day. We originally had a Doona for when he was born, which is a fantastic stroller as it is BOTH a carseat and stroller in 1! Once he got to 1 year old, I knew I had to start seeking a next phase stroller for my little one, as he was getting bigger. A friend of mine had an older version GB Pockit and raved about it, so I looked into it. They now have a new version called GB Pockit+ and I LOVE it! The stroller is super lightweight, has a recline and is travel system ready. Let’s not forget to mention my FAVORITE thing about the stroller…it is one of smallest ultra compact fold strollers out there. Just take a look:

Watch this super cool video about how it’s folded and put in the carry on compartment of a plane!