All of my friends know that I am not big on following the norms and traditions. I like things that are out of the box, unique, original and different. The same goes for my wedding! As those close to me know I am getting married next year. We have slowly started the preparations, but one thing I knew I had to get done was to ask my girls to be in my bridal party. I always imagined having a very close group of girls in my bridal party. I am blessed to have a lot of friends in my life, but ever since I could remember, I would picture those standing next to me on the big day to be the girls that know me inside out, that keep in touch with me on a regular basis, that I could count on for anything and that are just my ride or die girls.

I wanted the way I asked them to be memorable. Unfortunately, one of my bridesmaids (Krystal) lives in the Bay Area, so I wasn’t able to ask her in the same way, but I made a wine bottle just for her for the next time she is in town or I am up north. All I knew is that I wanted it to be original and different. I’m also a producer so wanted to make sure there was some interactive elements in it that made it fun. So this is what I came up with.

As I was brainstorming things to do, I suddenly imagined how fun it would be to put a note in balloons with confetti in it so that when they popped the balloons the confetti would spill all over them. This would require helium which is just too difficult to do and put items inside a balloon. I then decided to get 4 mini balloons from the party store, some confetti, write out the notes (asking them to be my Maid of Honor/Bridesmaid and be in my Chinese Tea Ceremony I will have – as my fiancé is half Swiss and half Malaysian Chinese). Each note had it’s own unique rhyme or way of asking. I then bought heart shaped toothpicks and wrote “Pop the Balloons” on a sparkly card that I put on the outside of a white box with ribbon around it. Additionally, I took a mini Pink Moscato wine bottle and took off the label, printing a picture of my friend and I and placing it on the bottle with the text that says “I can’t say I DO without you!” They all seemed to love it, and it will definitely be something I hope they remember.

I highly recommend finding YOUR special way to ask your bridesmaids as they will be putting in a lot of work in time leading up to your wedding, so at least make it fun for them! =)