As an expectant mother, in about 13 weeks, I have found myself to be researching and reading up on everything baby! Although women have been giving birth ever since human life existed, and the need for self help books and classes are not a “necessity”, I am a big believer that any additional knowledge one can procure prior to any adventure or new task in life is helpful. It not only provides you with additional insight you may not have known prior, but it also gives you confidence going into whatever you are about to embark on so as to relieve any unexpected stress or surprises.

I have taken this into other aspects of the child bearing process, one of the most important ones being the preparation for our little one to come. One of the first things to cross a mother’s mind is: What do I need to prepare myself? What does my baby need? What things do I need in my home? With all these new products coming up every year, and with technology a major aspect of baby products in today’s day and age, it’s hard to sometimes keep up to date with what the latest and greatest is in strollers, bassinets, formulas, diaper bags, baby food and the such.

My best friend had forwarded me an invite to an event that happens every year by Big City Moms called The Biggest Baby Shower ever. It was held at the Skirball Cultural Center and highlights the latest products that an expectant mother or new mother should consider. You name it, they were there. From the latest technological bassinet to hit the market (and one of the most expensive) Snoo, the famous Baby Bjorn and Halo brand with their variety of bassinet, strollers and carseats to new and improved diaper bags for him and her. We all know there are a myriad of options for diaper bags that cater to the woman, but one of my personal favorites was Diaper Dude, who caters to the male demographic. Having a husband that likes fashion and is always concerned I’m going to buy the girliest stroller or item that he’ll have to lug around, this was the perfect product for him!

The baby shower event had vendors from various companies listed below, links provided so you can scour their websites in search of the product you may be seeking:

Baby Bjorn:



June and January


Petunia Pickle Bottom


Big Bee Little Bee


Enchanted Slumber

Ju Ju Be

Lolla Land


I highly encourage every expectant and new mother to keep an eye out for this event the next time it comes up. Besides the fact you have the opportunity to get the largest gift bag ever with a ton of products from the event for you to use at home that are incredibly useful (like diapers…and diapers…and more diapers), it’s incredibly informative and fun! There are many giveaways, games and prizes! It’s guaranteed to be a fun and knowledgeable time.