When my friend recently brought up probiotics to me, I had to ask her what it was. I knew it was something new that was going around, but didn’t really understand what it did. She had mentioned it to me knowing I was pregnant and that there was a brand that she used herself, called Hyperbiotics, that had a line for new and expecting moms called PRO-Moms.

I of course did my research and found out that taking Hyperbiotics could help with my baby’s health. It provides a good healthy balance of bacteria and encourages a healthy start for my little guy. It helps also produce more folate naturally. Folate is a natural version of folic acid. This vitamin is actually what helps with your baby’s brain and spinal cord, so a very vital vitamin to have! It additionally helps contribute to overall health, improve my immune system and generally feel good.

Another perk that I heard happens when taking probiotics is that it helps with your skin! You generally have clearer, even-toned and younger-looking skin. Who doesn’t want that?!?!

I’ve started taking it for a couple weeks now, and it goes great with my prenatal vitamins I am already taking. I was concerned about that and potentially taking too much stuff, but there was no conflict with probiotics. Anything I can do to help my baby and make him healthier and smarter! Hyperbiotics is also the number 1 probiotic brand out there, so that must mean something! You can now purchase it at your Target store.